Low pressure Solar geysers - Closed coupled Direct System

Low Pressure solar geyser system

It's a Low pressure gravity feed system that consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, a storage tank, feeder tank and a flat roof stand. The evacuated glass tubes are filled with water and exposed to the sun, thus heating up the water in the evacuated glass tubes. As the gravity of cold water is heavier than hot water, the hot water in the glass tubes starts rising in the insulated water tank and the cold water in the tank sinks into the glass tubes. As this cycle is repeated, water in the solar tank is heated. This process is known as Thermosiphon and is based on natural convection.

Solar Ray Low pressure Solar Geyser

The complete low pressure solar geyser system is ideal for low cost housing, where homes do not have electricity to supply hot water. Low pressure solar geysers are great for providing hot water to those who do not have the luxury of having hot water available. Eskom rebates now enable municipalities to provide these solar water heaters to the people for free.

Low Pressure solar geyser system

  • The solar ray system is locally manufactured and qualifies for the maximum rebate of R 4868.00
  • The 110ltr tank is manufactured from grade 444 stainless steel with a thickness of 0.7mm (no other system on the market with this grade stainless)
  • The outer wrap is manufactured from 0.45 precoat alu-zinc and the end caps from polypropylene
  • The evacuated tubes are the only component that is imported. They are top quality tubes with a SABS approved thickness of 2.3mm
  • No electric element is required with this system but is an option if need be.
  • The isolating material is ecofoam which is 2015 protocol compliant and the foam is applied to a thickness of 50mm between the inner and outer tank
  • The tank uses a 47mm diameter tube array
  • The framework is available in various forms to ease the installation
  • This solar hot water system is the gravity feed cistern design
  • All the components bar the evacuated tubes are of local source
  • The system has a five year warranty

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes

  • Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes
  • The outer tube is made of transparent borosilicate glass that is able to resist hail
  • The inner tube (also made of borosilicate glass) is coated with special selective coating (AI-N/AI)
  • This coating features exceptional solar heat absorbtion and minimal heat reflection qualities.
  • The air is withdrawn (evacuated) from the space between the two glass tubes to form a vacuum, this process eliminates conductive and convective heat loss.

Gravity feed System components

System components

Main Tank Components

A-        1 x Main Tank
B-       12 x Glass tubes
C-       12 x Cosmetic Rings

Header Tank Components

A-        1 x Header Tank with Lid
B-       2 x Mounting Brackets
C1-       6 x M6 Nuts
C2-       12 x M6 Flat washers
C3-       6 x M6 Hex Bolts
C4-       3 x M4 Self tapping screws

System components

Plumbing Components

A-       1 x Shut-off Valve and Filter
B-       1 x Ball Valve
C-       1 x Drain Cock
D-       1 x Tempering Valve
E-       1 x Copper tubing
F-       1 x Tube insulation
G1-       2 x " Male to compression elbow.
G2-       2 x " Male to compression-straight.
G3-       1 x " Female to compression-straight.
G4-       1 x " Female coupling.
G5-       3 x 90 Elbow solder.
G6-       1 x " Tee - solder.
G7-       1 x " 90 Elbow compression.
G7-       4 x " Nuts.

Plumbing Installation

Plumbing Installation

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