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Solar Panels - Quality Solar Power products

Our main focus is to supply turnkey solar power solutions in the most cost effective way. Our goal as a company is simple. To provide quality solar power solutions at the same cost or less than fossil fuels and to solve the energy crisis in Africa. Dako power has a vested interest in the factory we produce our solar power products, hereby providing quality solar power solutions. We are also able to provide solar product volumes that will meet market needs.

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Off-grid - Solar Power Kits

How much does it cost to power my whole house? I would like to power the lights in my house? How many solar panels do I need to run my fridge?

These are just some of the questions we get asked. So what we have decided to do is to create off-grid solar power kits of various sizes to cater for most peoples needs. Please have a look at our off-grid solar power kits.

Lighting Solar Kit


CIGS Thin Film Solar Panels R12 per Watt

CIGS solar panel

  • Very competitive pricing
  • CIGS modules produce more electricity in kWh (5 10% over lifetime) compared to other modules
  • Ideal in High temperature conditions
  • Free of cadium and lead
  • High Quality Brand made in Japan by Solar Frontier (Showa Shell Group)
  • 25 Years performance guarantee

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Low pressure Solar geysers

Low Pressure solar geyser system

The complete low pressure solar geyser system is ideal for low cost housing, where homes do not have electricity to supply hot water. The tank on this system is 100% locally manufactured.

Low pressure solar geysers are great for providing hot water to those who do not have the luxury of having hot water available. Eskom rebates now enable municipalities to provide these solar water heaters to the people for free.

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Wholesale prices on monocrystalline solar panels

Monocrystaline solar panel

Solar panels convert visible sunlight to renewable electrical energy. The "JUTA" Solar panels are ideal for a huge range of applications. We have great solar panel prices!!

We have an online solar PV sizing calculator to help you work out how many solar panels you require.

Our monocrystalline solar panels come with a 25 year warranty on 80% of the power. Customization of solar panels is our thing. Let us know the size and shape you want the solar panel to be and we can make it up for you.

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Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems

We are hoping that in the near future South Africa(eskom) will enable home owners to create grid tied solar power systems. These solar power systems have been used in europe and america for some time. They tie directly into your electric power grid and any excess power generated by your solar power system is sent out onto the grid for others to use. In return eskom or city power will pay you for the wattage generated by your solar power system.

Let's hope this can happen so that solar power products become even more of an investment for the every day home owner which will increase your property value.

Retro Fit Solar Geyser System

Solar heat collector

Basically, we take the Heat collector solar panels and attach them directly to your existing electrical geyser (Cobra, Kwikot, Franke etc). This has been a problem in the past, as there are not enough inlets and outlets in a normal geyser to accommodate solar panels. However, certain valves have recently been developed by a few of the larger Plumbing supplies Manufacturers, which make Retro Fitting possible. click here to find out more

Solar power products